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Education Galaxy Review

It is no secret that school students often consider studying to be a boring chore. They are passive and disinterested. Naturally, such an attitude affects their academic performance and the results they show during state tests. The obvious answer is to put educational content into their gadgets. Modern children love technology, and they are eager to spend time learning things while playing using their smartphones or computers.

Indeed, there is a wide variety of applications that offer online educational content for various categories of learners. In fact, it is easy to get lost in the abundance of options. Yet, it is necessary to make a wise choice since these online platforms have not been born equal. That is why we recommend Education Galaxy: an online platform designed specifically to prepare students for passing state tests successfully.

Education Galaxy provides topical questions alongside with answers and mini lessons that are played in case the student truffles with finding the correct answer to any question. It thoughtfully combines educational activities with timed mini games to keep the students happy but not distracted. You may have read the same praises for many other products on the market, so let’s have a deeper look at the advantages of Education Galaxy.

Main features of Education Galaxy

The key purpose of the product is to assist teachers and school administrators in achieving high standardized tests pass rates for the students. There are several tools offered by Educational Galaxy that help to achieve this goal.

Diagnostic tests

The first step in using the program is the diagnostic test completed by each student. The tests in different disciplines are designed in accordance with grade levels and specific state requirements concerning academic performance. In simple language it means that the program tests the skills necessary for meeting the standards of your state.

Personalized path

The program processes the results of diagnostic tests for each student and generates a personalized study plan that will help respective students catch up on the areas in which they have scored poorly. The process is automated which means that personalized teaching has never been so easy before.

Progress reports

Obviously, it is not enough to simply create a plan for the student. It is also necessary to make sure that the student passes it diligently. As it is already mentioned, Education Galaxy provides entertaining content which students will simply not want to skip. In addition to that, it allows teachers and school administrators to track the progress of every learner by giving them information on:

  • The time each student/class spent logged in the program.
  • The amount of tasks a student completed on each subject and topic.
  • Success rate of test passing.

Moreover, the educators using a school account have the opportunity to discuss the progress with the students and among themselves using the program.

Assignment builder

Teachers using the program are not limited to the preset content it provides. Education Galaxy provides a tool for creating customized lessons and tests so that every educator has the opportunity to stay in control of the way learning is organized. Still, the materials they will use are designed in compliance with state educational standards. It means that the content students are about to work with is always relevant regardless of whether it is pre-set by the program or designed manually by the teacher.

Adaptive intervention program

There is a separate program designed specifically to assist struggling students. It is designed in a manner that helps the students regain confidence with their abilities and eventually catch up with the rest of the class. It also reignites the students’ interest in the subject matter to keep them motivated and avoid future declines in academic performance. 

Other advantages

So far, we have discussed the ways in which Education Galaxy is appealing for professional educators. However, the program also has much to offer to the parents who are concerned about the academic performance of their children or just want to make sure that they have used all the tools to make their studying more effective.

With a special parents’ account you may provide your child with access to a single subject program for the whole academic year. The service includes educational content and tests designed for each state separately.

The program is designed to lift the burden of controlling student’s progress from parents’ shoulders. While parents have the access to the data on the student’s placement and progress, they may be sure that their child will continue using the program even without reminding because the content is engaging and fun. At the same time, the developers made sure that the children will not skip the study content to reach the games as soon as possible. The speed of taking the tests is monitored by the system and students are warned against answering too quickly.

Don’t worry, they will not get bored by waiting for the games and leave the whole process alone. Each mini-game provides the students with points they accumulate to achieve the next alien rank. There is no better motivator than a healthy competition! 


Education Galaxy proudly declares itself to be “refreshingly affordable.” After checking the pricing plans presented on their website, we could not help but agree with this bold statement.

There are three types of accounts that can be created using the program’s website:

Teacher account

In fact, there are two options in this category. A teacher who wants to use the program for a single class may choose either a free or premium account. The free account provides access for all the educational content but does not include the placement test and reporting features. However, these functions can be unlocked for only $9 per month! Both plans presuppose signing 30 students to all subjects, or 150 students to a single subject of the teacher’s choice.

School and district account

This option includes all the features mentioned earlier in the review. It also enables administrators to compile schoolwide progress reports. This functionality is helpful for district level administrators responsible for tracking the progress of each individual school. The pricing of each school/district plan is negotiated directly with the services provider which means that there is always the room for mutually beneficial agreements 

Parents account

The price for this option is $5.99 per month. As already mentioned, it opens access to a single subject for a single student.

Overall thoughts

Indeed, the market nowadays is saturated with online learning products. However, their quality varies significantly. It is easy to waste time and money on a program that diligently develops students’ cognitive skills, for example, but lacks focus on state specific educational standards. Education Galaxy does not suffer from this issue.

Another reason why Educational Galaxy is the right choice for an online educational program is its high functionality combined with affordable pricing. In fact, it offers its basic tools to teachers for free. These functions form the cornerstone of the experience a student obtains from using the program and are sufficient for increasing students’ academic performances.

However, a moderate monthly payment opens a whole galaxy of customizable content and opportunities to apply personalized approaches to each student.      

Trilogy Education Services Review

It is commonly known that the job market changes globally. Students and people in the last few years after graduation are especially sensitive to the changes in demand for certain professions. There is hardly something more frustrating than to spend several years of life and tons of money only to find out that your degree acquired through dedication and hard work is not what prospective employees are looking for.To avoid such instances, an increasing number of people are turning their gazes to information technology as the industry with a job in which they are about to be safe both professionally and financially. And they are right to do so! With the current rate of growth, the digital economy is expected to experience workforce shortage for at least the nearest couple of years. It means that the type is ripe to learn a profession of the future.

Universities understand the trend as well. Nowadays, lots of programs are available for aspiring IT professionals. However, there is a problem with higher education that is likely to betray the hopes and beliefs of students. Namely, educational programs tend to be rigid and not keep in touch with the current requirements of the market. While it is true for virtually any area of study, the problem may be especially acute for the courses associated with digital economy due to the rapid expansion of the latter.Under such challenging circumstances, cooperation between educational facilities and professionals in the industry becomes vital for success of the students. Trilogy Education Services is a graphic example of such mutually beneficial partnership.

What is Trilogy Education Services?

Trilogy Education Services or simply Trilogy Education is a private educational company that partners with the major universities internationally to organize bootcamps for people interested in a career in the digital economy. The company partners with the major companies in the market hose employees share their experiences with the students to prepare them to rel life interviews and job experience.

Universities officials working with Trinity Education praise the mutually beneficial cooperation, and the steady stream of applicants willing to enrol to one of Trinity’s programs serve as the evidence that they are effective and worth the time and money invested in them.

Let’s have a closer look at what makes Trinity Education Services the right choice for both universities and students.

How Trinity Education works with universities

As already mentioned, the company offers bootcamps and intensive courses designed and taught by industry professionals. In other words, it ensures that the universities it partners with enjoy the opportunity to learn the current state of affairs in the industry and on the job market. This information allows the educational facilities to serve even the students who do not participate in the Trilogy bootcamps better.

We live in the world run by profits, so it would be indigenuous to omit another important benefit arising from the partnership with Trinity Education: universities earn from it. The company loans the rooms and equipment from universities in exchange for half of the revenues gathered from the bootcamps run in the institution. It also uses the university’s name when marketing the courses and bootcamps.This approach may seem controversial at first.However, there is nothing wrong in universities getting additional positive publicity through being marketed to the local community by its partners.

And yes, the partnership does support the communities respective universities serve. You do not have to be a student of a particular university to participate in a program offered by Trinity education. In practical terms, it means that the partnership helps universities both attract potential students, and keep in touch with their alumni while helping them to continue their education and refine the skills acquired at the university.

Moreover, the company itself is devoted to changing communities for the better. A graphic example of such a positive agenda is Trilogy’s commitment to bridging the gender gap in the IT industry. The company has pledged to ensure representation in its bootcamp to give equal opportunities to all the members of the communities it works in.

Why Trinity Education Services is good for students

All the perks universities get from working with Trinity Education would be impossible if the company did not benefit its students! After all, the competition in the educational market is fierce, so any business needs to deliver in order to stay safe. Therefore, let’s recapitulate on the key advantages of Trinity Education services.

It’s about real life

You are about to be taught by people who have been there. Yes, this point has already been mentioned several times, but it cannot be overemphasized! To build a career in any field, you need to acquire practical knowledge about what is going on there on an everyday basis. Believe it or not, but these things are not written in a textbook.

It offers you reasonable options

Yes, the digital economy grows rapidly, and there is a whole array of opportunities available. There is a drawback to this plenty too. It is easy to get lost in the labyrinth of possibilities. That is why Trinity Education offers a comprehensive yet brief list of programs to choose from. The programs are:

  • Web Development. A program that provides students with skills in front-end and back-end development combined with general principles of coding.
  • Data Analytics. Big Data is the new black. Every business feels obliged to use it. But to do so they need professionals knowing the tools and method of processing and visualizing large massives of data. This program will equip you with necessary skills and instruments to fill such a vacancy.
  • UI/UX design. As the companies compete for clients in an online environment, they strive to provide their customers with the best experiences. The obvious advantage of this course is that it is based on real-life tasks and problems.
  • Cybersecurity. The program equips you with the necessary knowledge about modern types of cyberthreats and the most relevant and effective ways of curbing them.
  • Fintech. It is a comprehensive course that combines training in programming and financial issues to prepare students for working in the fields of data analysis and blockchain.

It is flexible

Students are offered three formats of programs:

  • Full-time
  • Part-time
  • Online.

The options are designed so that students, lots of whom have already graduated from an institution of higher learning could balance education and their professional/personal lives.

The price

On average, a course costs between $10,000 and $13,000. Alumni of partner universities may get a discount, so you may want to contact the company before applying for a course.

Overall thoughts on Trinity Education Services

Long story short, Trinity Education Services represents the unique business model aimed at sharing professional insight within the academic setting. The combination of the two worlds benefits program participants regardless of whether they are university students or alumni. The company focuses on the most relevant ares of the digital economy to equip the students with basic knowledge and skills. In other words, the mission of Trinity education i to help people build a solid foundation for their future careers in informational technology.